Treatments By Kay

Remedial Massage:

This treatment includes warming, easing techniques to relax and release tense muscles, ligaments and joints, you will be covered by towels while lying on a warmed massage table to encourage rest
and deep relaxation.

This deep massage will address injuries and encourage recovery, soothe tension and ease tight spots.

A thirty-minute appointment will focus on neck, shoulders and arms or lower back and legs, while a sixty-minute appointment will give time for a full body massage.

Only the parts of the body being massaged are uncovered, the rest of the body remains warm and

Craniosacral Therapy:

Worry and stress goes through our whole nervous system creating ripples of tension and discomfort. Craniosacral Therapy can address these issues.

Especially good for clients with neurological or touch sensitive conditions (where very gentle pressure is needed) and emotional or psychological tension.

Gentle and subtle therapies, for this treatment client’s are fully clothed and lay face up supported by pillow on the treatment couch. By placing hands in the right places warmth and facilitated release is encouraged and a return to ease of movement.

Making a one-hour appointment for the first session gives time for a thorough history taking, thirty minute appointments are good for maintenance or a boost.

Counselling and Clinical Hypnotherapy

By combining these skills with bodywork, emotional or psychological blocks can be addressed and put aside in order for someone to let go and move on. For example a pattern of shallow breath and tension in the diaphragm often follows a traumatic accident or episode. This tension can keep us stuck and the body resistant to recovery and return to health. By uncovering and releasing this clenched breath pattern we can relax into a more comfortable state of being. EFT (tapping) and Self Hypnosis techniques help to affirm and hold the new patterns. These techniques can also be used for ante natal and birthing preparation, anxiety reduction and relaxation.

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